RJS offers a variety of tension controllers, each delivering consistent, reliable results. 
Our standard series can be configured to handle B-40, B-60, B-80/17, B-80/33 spools

The 121 is the standard RJS tension controller and the most widely used model today.

Tension Range: 1-5 lb (0.45-2.3 kg)


The 305 is designed to accommodate lower tension operation. This model has been used both with steel and textile cords.  Tension Range: 0.5 - 5 lb (0.27-2.3 kg)

The 493 was developed for use in higher tension systems and for the use of larger diameter steel cords in large TBR and OTR tire production.

Tension Range: 2-10 lb (0.9-4.5 kg)

TC493 CRW_8553 CT6000-crf.png

The 500 has the same features as the 493 with the addition of a larger diameter control arm roller (4 inch / 100mm) to accommodate even larger cord diameters. 

Tension Range: 2-10 lb (0.9-4.5 kg)

TC500 CRW_8525BX CT6000-cr-RH.png