Other Equipment


The RJS Tire Plunger and Bead Unseating Machine performs:

  • United States Department of Transportation Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards for tire plunger energy and bead unseating

Bead Covering Machines
Model 147.png

The RJS 147 Universal Bead Covering Machine is designed

to apply either gum (without fabric) or rubberized, calendared

fabric to an uncured tire bead.

It is designed to adjust and adapt to receive a wide variety of

shapes and sizes, and accepts both passenger and truck beads.

The High Speed Automatic Bead Covering Machine is designed for applying square-woven, square-cut, calendered fabric circumferentially to an uncured tire bead.  The machine features automatic fabric cut-off, fabric advance, and bead ejection.
It is designed to be quickly changed for various bead sizes, and is especially suitable where a wide variety of tire sizes are being manufactured and size changes are frequent; it is intended for covering passenger and light truck beads.

Tire Branding Equipment

The cold-branding process involves the use of a branding plate engraved with the desired insignia or lettering; this plate is heated to a temperature below that which will burn rubber, and is impressed upon the tire. The proper combination of time, temperature, and pressure causes the rubber to fill the engraved voids of the branding plate, thus imprinting the tire, and giving much the same appearance as if molded.

There are different models of the Cold-Branding machine designed to be used with different sized tires. If you are interested in purchasing this machine, our sales department will assist you in choosing the correct model.



The Rapid-Ply Band Builder is a belt-type tire band building machine that can rapidly change tire band sizes over a substantial range.
Belt widths are from 48″ to 200″ and are available in a wide variety of circumferential ranges.