RJS manufactures belt guides for conveyor built systems for all industries, including food grade belt guides.  Belt guides can be made in a variety of sizes and specs, depending on what the customer requires.


There are 3 basic types of belt guides: sizes 3, 4, and 5. An RJS sales representative will be happy to help you choose the proper size to fit your needs. To request more information on our belt guides, please call us at 1-330-896-2387 or email us at sales@rjscorp.com.

The RJS Disciplign™ Belt Guide...

  • Provides accurate, continuous, automatic alignment of wide, flat belts.

  • Completely mechanical and self energized, no external power source is required.

  • Well-suited for use on belt systems of short head-to-tail center distances ranging from less than two feet to 30 feet or more and widths to 96 inches or wider.

  • Reduces costly belt maintenance and downtime by minimizing edge wear.

  • Provides precision guiding of payload

See how the Disciplign Belt Guide functions


RJS also repairs our belt guides.

The unit will need to be shipped to our facility so that our technicians can inspect it and identify the problem.

If you would like to send a belt guide for repair, please call us at 1-330-896-2387.

An RJS sales representative will take your information and issue a Return Goods Number.

This number must appear on all paperwork and shipping information.