Cord Organizing Stands

Front and Main organizing stands provide 2 stages of organization for cords in a system. Eventually, the layer of cords need to be in one flat plane for entry into the calender. The organizing stands also gradually move the cords into this position before they leave the creel room.

Both Front and Main Organizing stands are available in 3 types: eyelet board, fixed roller board, or Quick-Thread roller board.

Cords are organized through durable ceramic eyelets.

Eyelet boards are the traditional method of organizing in a creel system. Using eyelet boards is the most cost-effective, and straightforward organizing solution.

Cords are organized through windows of vertical and horizontal hardened steel rollers as they progress toward the calender.

Roller boards and allow for greater wire defection angles than ceramic eyelets.

The Quick-Thread roller boards have the same benefits as Fixed Roller Boards, with the added benefits of easier and faster threading. Quick-Thread boards are a great time saver. Less time loading the spools means more time manufacturing.