The original “RJS” started in the basement on Concord Ave in Akron after World War II 

with the brothers Andy, Ray and Bill “making things” to sell.

Summer of 1954

Front row from left to right: Andy, Ray, and Bill Slezak

In 1949 with the help of their father, the brothers began construction of their first location called RJS Products and Development in Akron on Waterloo Road. Because starting the company was Ray's idea, they decided to use his initials as the company name, RJS. The company later went through a few more name changes from RJS Products Company to the current RJS Corporation, adopted in 1966. 

Early sales included the spot welding gun and band builders assembled just inside the front garage door.

Construction of the first factory (1949)

The first RJS cat, who found its way to the construction site in 1949. 

Construction of the first factory (1949)

RJS's first factory, completed in 1949, then called RJS Products and Development. 

After a couple additions to the first location, RJS outgrew the space and moved to our current location on Massillon Road in 1966. Since then, there have been several expansions of our office and workshop; a testament to the companies growth through the years. 

Massillon Road Construction Site (1966)

Massillon Road Office Completed

Ray with his brother, Andy (year unknown)

Construction of first addition to Massillon Road building.

Today, RJS is proud to still be a family run company with Ray's children sharing ownership and continuing to oversee its success as their father wanted. Thanks to the work of Ray, his brothers, and each employee here, RJS has become a world leader in the production of tire manufacturing machinery. 

Aerial View of RJS from 2013