Digi-Creel (Photo of Digi-Creel) (Link to Bulletin DC-2002)

The Digi-Creel servo-valve air pressure control system is available for fixed and shifting applications. This system can be used to control:

  • Air pressure(s) supplied to the creel
  • Programable shifting patterns (for shiftable creel rows)

The Digi-Creel can also be used to monitor:

  • Loose or broken wires
  • Tension across the flow width leading into the calender
  • Room temperature and relative humidity

Each aspect of the creel room conditions can be monitored and controlled on the Digi-Creel, on an external computer via ethernet or WIFI or on a handheld device. This innovation replaces the air pressure control console, loose wire detection box and creel shifting controls.

The Digi-Creel also keeps an event log. All defined alarm states (initial, fix in process, resolved) are recorded and traceable by time, date and personnel verification. The current and historical status of the creel system can be broadcasted in real-time to a remote display monitor.

Model 173 (Photo of M173, 2 station) 

The Model 173 is manually adjustable and complete with gauges, air filter, safety relief valve, and blow off valve. It is available in one or more operating stations, depending on the system being used and the type of frames required.