Tension Controllers

RJS specializes in tension controllers, the major component of a creel room. The tension controller for let-off of steel cord in radial tire production was designed and patented by Raymond Slezak in 1975. 
Today, RJS offers a variety of tension controllers, meeting the needs of customers in several different markets.  
Please contact us with any questions or to see if we can offer a solution for your cord tensioning needs.

RJS Tension Controller Features

Pneumatic actuation

Cord tension is adjusted by changing the air pressure from a source common to all Controllers, applied by either a manual or automatic control panel. Once a system is charged there is no further air consumption.


Wire tension uniformity

RJS Controllers are force-balance devices. There is close uniformity as long as the same air pressure is applied to all units and the wire package is the same diameter. There is a small variation in tension as the full spools unwind and the wire package becomes smaller.


Custom configurations

RJS offers a standard range of Controllers used primarily in radial tire production.

However, we are continually expanding these designs to handle a larger variety of wire/cord packages for multiple, diverse applications.