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Model 360 (Photo of M360)

Our most popular model. The Model 360 is available fixed to floor, mounted on rails or with casters for free movement across the factory floor. Having the capability to move grants a factory the ability to use this stand for multiple creel rows. The Model 360 is the only stand offered that combines the main organizing boards with exit guide rollers. Magnetic retainers can be added after the exit guide rollers to aid in rethreading. This model can be used with any type of organizing board RJS Corporation offers.

Model 191 (Photo of M191)

Optimized to limit production downtime between creel runs, the Model 191 organizing stand allows for one organizing board to be in use for a creel run while the other is used to rethread a nearby creel row. This model of the main organizing stand can integrate eyelet boards and fixed roller boards.

Fixed to Floor (Photo of fixed stand)

The simplest and most economical solution RJS Corporation offers for a main organizing stand. This stand serves as the final organization before the steel cord passes over the guide rollers and into the calender. The fixed model organizing stand is best fit for single creel row applications. Available for eyelet, fixed roller and Quick Thread organizing boards.