Quick Thread (Photo of Quick Thread board) (Link to Quick Thread Bulletin)

The Quick Thread roller board is the most advanced organizing board on the market and is an RJS Corporation original. The Quick Thread roller board allows a worker to rethread the creel system faster and easier than ever before. Available in both top loading and side loading configurations, one direction of rollers will pivot away from the board to allow the steel cord to be quickly threaded through a larger opening. These rollers are made of the same hardened steel as the fixed roller boards.  

Fixed Roller (Photo of Fixed Roller Board)

Our most popular model. Fixed roller boards capture one wire in each opening created by vertical and horizontal rollers. This organizing board minimizes friction as each roller rotates with the steel cord on anti-friction bearings. Each roller is made of hardened steel to guarantee the continued quality of performance expected and delivered from RJS equipment.

Eyelet (Photo of Eyelet board)

The simplest and most economical solution RJS Corporation offers for wire organization. Eyelet boards can be provided with either ceramic or steel eyelets to extend the useful lifetime of the board. The openings on an eyelet board can accommodate steel cord up to 10mm in diameter.