Model 409 Mk II (Photo of M409 Mk II) (Link to Bulletin SW-409-2009…)

The Model 409 winds the remaining cords around a rotating cage as the cords are pulled off the depleted spools remaining on the creel.

This machine is mounted on either wheels or tracks, so that it can be moved to and from the optimal operating position. Each machine is supplied with floor locks that secure the machine in the running position while in use.

Newly redesigned by the engineers at RJS Corporation, the Model 409 Mk II offers improvements to the performance, ergonomics and safety of scrap removal.

Model 341 (Photo of M341) (Link to Bulletin WPO-341…)

The Model 341 pulls the remaining cords from the depleted creel by a pair of rubber covered rollers that feeds the cords into a scrap bin for simple handling. 

This machine is also offered mounted on tracks or with casters for maximum flexibility.