Industrial Painter

This position is within the Operations team of RJS Corporation.  The Industrial Painter’s primary responsibility is to prepare material surfaces of machines and manufactured parts and finish them with protective or decorative coating materials such as paint, enamel, glaze, gelcoat, or lacquer. Proper coating of RJS products and machinery is a very important role as our customers expect quality equipment that will meet their needs.  Days and hours of work are typically Monday through Friday on first shift.  Additional overtime may be available Monday through Friday and on weekends as needed.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities: 
Under the direction of the Operations Director, the Industrial Painter duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Read and interpret blueprints, and other instructions written or verbal, to verify parts are in conformance with the blueprints before preparing the parts or applying coatings
  • Prepare paint for spraying by selecting and mixing the coating liquids to be applied
  • Use a variety of hand and power tools and equipment to prepare and clean parts to accept paint
  • Mask areas of parts that are not to be coated as appropriate
  • Operate paint spraying equipment to apply coatings as required
  • Inspect all parts once painted to ensure thorough, quality coating without unsightly runs or other defects
  • Maintain a log identifying compounds used and amounts sprayed every day, together with a maintenance log of paint booth filters
  • Regularly clean and maintain the paint booth (including regularly changing filters) and painting equipment, and ensuring that they remain in good working order
  • Maintain a clean work area, returning equipment and tools at the end of the day
  • Ensure that paint and compounds are stored safely in provided containers
  • Safely dispose of rags, disposable equipment, and chemical compounds in provided containers
  • Follow required safety guidelines, including wearing a respirator during all painting operations and other protective gear as appropriate for the materials being applied
  • Assist other departments and functions as needed