For a Shifting Creel System, creel rows are placed on shiftable platforms that can be positioned in the operating centerline of the calender and offline for scrap removal and reloading. The shifting capability eliminates down time between creel runs. Depending on the system size, RJS offers multiple shifting configurations: 

1. Platform

The shifting platform design allows for all creel rows in a system to be arranged in parallel secured to the top of shifter surface. 

2. Individual Row

Individual shifting creel rows allow for the most freedom and flexibility in the creel room. Each creel row is arranged in parallel to the next and mounted to the top of a single row platform allowing for selected creel rows to be run simultaneously or independently. 

3. Lightweight Motorized Creel

The Lightweight Motorized Creel (LMC) is the most cost-effective solution for short row creel shifting applications. This design eliminates the platform and can support creel rows up to 40 feet long and boasts the same advantages as the individual shifting row design at a lower cost.

4. Air Floatation

For smaller systems, air flotation skids allow the creel row to be manually maneuvered in any direction as the creel floats on a cushion of air. The system can be easily moved by two operators. The air flotation skid is best suited for shifting applications where room for lateral movement is limited.