The front organizing system (FOS) manages the multiple cords from the creel row prior to the main organizing stand.  The primary component of the FOS include front organizing boards, direction changing rollers, and loose wire detection.

1. Front Organizing Boards  

The front organizing boards arrange the cords as they travel from individual tension controllers on the creel frames. One cord is captured in each opening of the board. RJS Corporation offers three different models of organizing boards: eyelet, fixed roller, and Quick-Thread. 

2. Direction Changing Rollers

Direction changing rollers (DCR) are an essential part of the front organizing stand as they redirect the cords before they travel into the front organizing boards. These barrels can be optionally hard chrome plated to extend the useful lifetime of the product.

3. Loose Wire Detection

The loose wire detection (LWD) system provides an audible or visual alarm alert when a loose or broken wire is detected.  An HMI screen on the electrical control panel indicates which level of which creel row is experiencing the issue allowing quick diagnosis how to return the creel back into production.